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Until 17th January. Any hotel. Anywhere in the world. Any travel window.

A Global Partner
With a Finger on the Local Pulse

Our local teams on the ground
understand your customers’ needs.


Over 40 years of experience
serving the travel trade


We have combined three leading brands of the industry to create a partner with the knowledge and industry experience to support your growth.

We know what it takes to succeed in the competitive world of travel and we are totally committed to helping you shine.

Reasons why you should work with Bedsonline


We have the most powerful and user-friendly booking platform for travel agents.


You get access to a product portfolio that provides you with everything your customers are looking for.


With our exclusive agreements you get the best hotels at the best price in the most sought-after destinations. This includes exclusive retail travel agent rates.


We are a one stop shop for travel - activities, transfers and car rentals.


The go-to tool for custom itineraries

If I want to do a multi-stop hand tailored tour that includes hotels and activities, I do everything with Bedsonline. If you don’t know the destination that well, it gives you all the information you need.


Jean Pierre Casaubon
Excelsior travel – Houston, Texas

Fueling 500% growth in 2017

Working with the Bedsonline platform makes life easier for us. Since we began in 2015 we have used bedsonline.com to find everything we need, especially when there is no availability with other websites. Bedsonline always seem to have what we are looking for, and at a very good price.


Jonathan Guerrero
ViajesIN – Mexico

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